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Our Approach

Diverse Learning Environments

Educational toys blocks, numbers, letter

Enrichment & Recreation

Music and Movement

Movement/Music and dances from around the world.

Children engage in exploring different musical instruments, songs and international dances.


STEAM and G.L.A.D.

FUN STEAM projects and activities, which focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math, through hands-on experiences, which provide the opportunity to learn creatively. Also, we integrate G.L.A.D. Guided Language Acquisition Design effective strategies.

Frame made of colored confetti..jpg

Arts and Crafts

 Watercolor painting, piñatas, rock painting, drawing, hands-on art and crafts, papel picado family collages, and many more activities.

Mi pequena Picasso.jpg

Spanish is Fun

Spanish Dual-Language

enrichment program promotes bilingualism, biliteracy, and cross-cultural awareness. 

In our program, your child will succeed with a Dual Language and recreational program. 

Our students use Estrellita Accelerated Reading program for Spanish Immersion. 

Our Bilingual Thematic Curriculum has seven main learning areas:

I.   Communication - Dual Language and text.

II. Body, movement, food, and health

III. Multiculturalism and Creativity


V.   Quantities, space and shapes

VI. Social Emotional Learning and Ethics

VII. World Society and Local Community. 


I can read - Yo puedo leer

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